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One of the most important values ​​we can teach children is love for nature. To do this, you can do activities with them in the countryside or in another natural environment, visit a farm, make a garden… The options are very numerous and the objective is to have fun and learn at the same time.

We leave you some tips so that children have fun taking care of nature:

  • Recycling is fun. Recycling can be turned into a game if you teach your child that each thing should be thrown into a different colored bucket depending on its composition.
  • Turn off the tap and save water. Saving water is essential to protect the environment. It is better to shower than bathe and if you brush your teeth or turn on the tap, always remember to turn it off.
  • The papers to the trash can. Teach your child to throw papers in the trash can and not on the floor. You will have to explain that it is to keep the environment clean, to be able to recycle and to protect the trees.
  • Turn off the light. Many times we move around the house turning on all the lights in the rooms we pass through. Don’t forget to turn them off and you will save electricity.
  • Share your toys. When your child no longer uses his toys, teach him to give them to another child and thus give them a new life.
  • The plants are not uprooted. It is important that children learn that plants are living beings and, therefore, they cannot be stepped on or uprooted, but must be protected and cared for.
  • The things that are on the street belong to everyone. Your child must learn that all the things he sees on the street belong to all of us and that, therefore, he must respect them and not damage them.
  • You have to take care of your pets. A dog, a cat or any other pet is a living being and you have to feed it, take it to the vet if it gets sick and play with it.
  • He recycles paper. It is important that paper is recycled to take advantage of it. You can print on both sides and teach your child that you can draw on both sides of a sheet.


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