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Our Method


We consider that educating is offering, through attitudes, situations and the very organization of the School, all the human and material means necessary so that each child can develop, in a global and harmonious way, all their physical, mental and social capacities.

At our school we offer our students an environment in which they feel free and loved, where they can attend to all aspects of their development as well as generate a space in which to explore and satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. through manipulation and direct observation.

Through our educational project:

1.We offer Individual Care that promotes the development of the comprehensive capabilities of boys and girls within an environment in which they feel free, motivated and loved.
2.We promote Non-Discriminatory Education, which respects individual differences in sex, development, abilities and cultures.
3.We encourage Creative Capacities and free expression, always in favor of developing their critical sense and autonomy.
4.We educate in the promotion of Emotional Intelligence and those social and communicative skills that facilitate their interpersonal relationships.

Where we are

La Mar Salada Schools

La Mar Salada are approved bilingual schools in Alicante, focused on the first cycle of Early Childhood Education and dedicated to the harmonious development of boys and girls between four months and three years old. More than ten years of pedagogical experience.