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The importance of preschool for the development of the child

The first three years of life are crucial in a child’s development. During this period she learns to stand, walk, sit properly, interact with others, communicate and develop basic cognitive skills.

When he joins school, he will be able to interact with children his age and will find a new environment that stimulates other abilities, not only on a cognitive level, but also socially and emotionally.

Early childhood education centers (0-3 years) carry out extraordinary work with children and all of this would not be possible without the work of competent and involved educators with and for the little ones.

In our School, the educators schedule daily activities designed to achieve the comprehensive development of children, they plan content, objectives, transversal axes and integrate the development of multiple intelligences. The main advantages of the Nursery School are:

  • Create new spaces for interaction with children of the same age and with adults that enhance their development.
  • Stimulates verbal and gestural communication through games and other group activities.
  • Strengthens emotional ties with people and stimulates empathy.
  • It contributes to the achievement of children’s independence and autonomy, as well as the formation of habits and routines.
  • Strengthens self-esteem and stimulates emotional self-control and assertiveness in conflict resolution.
  • Develops fine motor skills, mainly through games and plastic activities. In addition, it also stimulates motor coordination through games that involve physical skills.
  • Teach the child the basic rules of coexistence and respect for others, as well as rules and limits.
  • Develops their creativity and imagination, mainly through stories and role plays.
  • It promotes language development and the acquisition of new words, which considerably expand the child’s vocabulary.
  • Enhances the acquisition of complex cognitive skills and stimulates the development of thinking.

Marisa Serralta Martínez

Pedagogical coordinator

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