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Crawling is a very important stage during children’s psychomotor development and also helps them develop and strengthen other areas.

It is beneficial both at the level of learning and personal autonomy.

We can see that when the baby begins to crawl, she puts weight on her hands to develop strength and stability in her shoulders, which will allow her to have control of her hands for other skills, such as eating alone, playing, dressing…

By crawling, they learn to focus at short and long distances, which allows them to perfect hand-eye coordination. Being able to explore the world around them improves their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Crawling improves the child’s balance system and movement. Tones the muscles and the spine. This will help him stay upright when she leaves the crawling phase to stand.

If your child doesn’t crawl, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that he won’t develop completely normally.

To promote crawling we give you a series of tips;

  • Offer him a large space in which he can move freely and get to where he wants.
  • Carry out activities and games to stimulate him; for example, putting objects for him to reach, making tunnels to pass through them…

It is highly recommended that crawling be encouraged both at home and in preschool, as it is a very beneficial exercise for the maturation and development of the baby.

Pedagogical Coordinator

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