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From the age of eighteen months, some earlier, others later, children begin to sketch their first strokes. It is his first graphic expression, a form of expression of his artistic skills that takes the form of a doodle, a fundamental stage in the development of children’s drawing.

Although they may seem like simple “scratches” to us older people, to them they are great works of art. At the beginning they are uncontrolled, impulsive, unconnected strokes, which children make by moving their entire arm and which constitute the first of the stages in the artistic-plastic development of children.

This period of children’s drawing is divided into three phases: uncontrolled scribbles, controlled scribbles and named scribbles.

The first stage of doodling is marked by uncontrolled scribbling. The child holds the pencil with the whole hand, from the tip, with two fingers, and sometimes even the other way around. This phase is based on physical and psychological development. They make uncontrolled strokes simply because it gives them pleasure. They find it pleasant to doodle because they enjoy the movement they make when doing it.

At the School we provide plastic materials and activities to promote this first stage.

Doodles are the first graphic expression of the human being, we must stimulate our children, encourage them and make it easier for them to express themselves freely…

Pedagogical coordinator

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