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Advantages of bilingualism in childhood

The success of learning two languages

According to some researchers, children exposed to two languages ​​from a very early age have a thinking advantage over monolingual children, which means that bilingualism has positive effects on intelligence and other aspects of the child’s life.

Balance between two languages

Some experts maintain that children exposed to multiple languages ​​are more creative and develop better problem-solving skills. Speaking a second language, even if only during the first years of life, will help you program your brain circuits to make it easier to learn new ones in the future. The introduction of bilingualism in children’s education should be done naturally. The important thing is that the child always listens to it and becomes familiar with it little by little, without rushing or obligations.

Advantages of bilingualism

1.Communication. The ability to communicate with people of different nationalities. Bilingual children have the dual ability to read and write in two different languages. It is not necessary to separate the languages ​​in the child’s daily experience (parents can use both languages). It is normal that learning two languages, for example in the development of vocabulary or grammar, requires more time than learning one.

2.Cultural. Access to two different cultures enriches the child’s education; traditional customs…

3.Knowledge. Access to diversity stimulates the capacity for intellectual development.Therefore, they can be more creative, more flexible, and acquire a more open mind to the world and others.The quantity and quality of language to which the bilingual child is exposed determines his or her rate of learning each language.

From La Mar Salada we develop our pedagogical and human project in Spanish and English, naturally, through a playful and meaningful methodology. Activities are taught within all areas and daily routines.We use motivational resources (songs, pictograms, stories, games…) facilitating language understanding and oral exchange.

Marisa Serralta Martinez

Pedagogical Coordinator

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