Activities and Services


Bilingual education

The process of acquiring a new language should always be similar to the acquisition of the mother language. The English language is an integral part of our educational action, present in all activities, routines and in the school environment. We rely on specialised teachers who, through games, activities and dynamics, use the children´s natural spontaneity to encourage them to express and increase their confidence in the use of the language.

Our Projects

Our curiosity for the world that surrounds us moves us all forward. Through our projects and a great variety of motivating activities, we promote in each child, an interest for discovering and the pleasure in taking part actively in their surrounding environment.

Psychomotor activities and games

Life is movement and our body is the engine that pushes us to keep moving forward. Games and psychomotor activities are fundamental to a childs´s development on a physical aswell as on a psychological level and they favour the acquisition of motor skills that help them to grow healthily and actively.

Dramatisation and Theatre

Every week we open the curtain to show various theatrical representations. Costumes, puppets, shadow theatre… all kinds of resources are used to give life to tales that the children enjoy and in which they are the protagonists.

Symbolic play and themed corners

As they grow, a child´s world, as well as their relationships with others, grows bigger. From the moment they are able to hold their first toy in their hand to when they are capable of developing more social and imaginative games, we offer all means necessary to accompany them throughout this process.

Crafts and artistic activities

The cornerstone of our hands-on work is the creation of fun crafts, murals and an infinity of artistic creations using rich and varied supports. We love to experiment with various materials and techniques that promote fine motor skills, creativity and the use of recycled items, in addition to putting the most useful of the tools in each of their hands: creative freedom.

Initiation to music

Introducing music to children offers infinite benefits: it improves their comprehensive and communicative capacities, encourages attention, movement and imagination, promotes social relations and, on a deeper level, prepares the brain for problem solving and mathematics. But, above all, we love music because we live through it, feel it and enjoy it. For this reason it is always present in our pedagogy.

Festivals and fun days

There is always a reason to celebrate. For this reason, our agenda boasts various festivals and events, making each and every one of them a big event and turning our center into a meeting place between the family and the school.

Special collaborations

Our school is a school of parents, concerts, visits and workshops with relatives, charity work and educational psychology … La Mar Salada opens their doors to cooperation which participates in and promotes all kinds of activities that enhance our educational labor.

Dining room and cooking workshops

We love to enjoy the food … and also cooking. In our dining room we elaborate a full menu for each day with seasonal products, under the supervision of a nutritionist and adapted to the needs and circumstances of each and every child. Furthermore, we plan workshops in which the children actively take part in the elaboration of simple recipes, an entertaining way of building interest towards a healthy and balanced diet.

Summer school

As summer arrives, so does the fun! In July and August we start Summer school for children of up to six years old, in which we continue enjoying entertaining outdoor activities and workshops specifically chosen to take maximum advantage of the best of the summer months.

Swimming classes

In summer, the doors to the swimming pool are opened to offer classes with specialised instructors to those who want to develop and excercise their swimming and motor skills in the water.

Extracurricular activities

To complement our educational offer, we open our school for extracurricular activities in music and English for children up to six years of age.

Baby-sitting services

We know that it is a complicated matter to reconcile family and work life, therefore we offer to help you find a baby-sitter. This is a service for families of pupils as well as former pupils of our schools.

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Our educational centres are authorised by the Council of Education.
This means that the facilities, the staff and the educational project correspond with the quality and exigences needed.